About Us

Who We Are in a Nutshell

Here at Glimmer Gear HQ, we are all about your health and safety while you train, adventure and reach for your goals. We are massive believers that you should approach it with a sense of humour and awe – even the sucky bits – and will do everything in our power to support you no matter how you choose to move.

You matter.
Your safety matters.
Let us help you reach your goals!

Just like you, we are more than the sum of our parts with our ethos about your journey, your fitness, but most of all your safety.
No matter what the season or time of day you train, we are here ready to support you grab it with both hands!

Our goal is to bring the latest, greatest and most innovative running and outdoor adventure health and safety equipment starting with visibility, nutrition, electrolytes, packs, vests, all the way through to the best headlamps on the market – direct to those that need it all with a sense of humour and bucketloads of support!

The Looonng Version of Who We Are

Who are Glimmer Gear Australia and What is Training Safe?

We are a small privately run company located in Melbourne, Australia.

We began our journey as ActiveEquip and have grown into Glimmer Gear Australia. We are passionate about fitness, fun, family, friends, activity and getting out and about. Most importantly though

we want to make sure we make it home again

Why? Simply because that is what we want, every time we train! Everything in our collection is about making sure you get to train, make it home again and cross that finish line no matter what or where it is.

We are all about you

running safe, riding safe, training safe and getting home safe.
Don’t ever be afraid to have us support you and smash your goals!

How Did Glimmer Gear Australia Come to be?

Because I (Sarah here, hi – see the image to the right – that’s me in our very first test pieces!) had a couple of super close calls, some really scary near misses, with cars and crossing the road at pedestrian crossings and other runners and cyclists over a Melbourne winter. These scared the crap out of me, to be honest.

I figured there had to be a solution to them not seeing me; I just had to find it.

Some google searching later I discovered Glimmer Gear and wanted to nab some to solve my problem of not being spotted. I asked about the shipping cost to Australia from the USA, and the cost of shipping six items over was kind of insane, so the adventure of becoming Glimmer Gear Australia started right there.

I figured if I was having this issue, I couldn’t be alone.

So many awesome people have confirmed that I wasn’t alone, but now we all know that there is an easy solution.

What is Glimmer Gear and Why is it Here?

Glimmer Gear® was created for those who like us, want to enjoy the amazingness of the outdoors doing exactly what they love. No matter if it’s training, running, hiking, cycling, cave exploring, rollerblading, taking a walk around the block, or on any outdoor or even indoor adventure; if you can dream it, Glimmer Gear® products will allow you to

enjoy the outdoors in all light conditions

especially at dawn, dusk or in darkness. Glimmer Gear® kit is equipped with LED lights or LED strips visible up to 500 meters away making you highly visible to those around, most importantly it helps

prevent you from becoming a statistic

We can’t wait to continually grow and develop to help keep you out there adventuring and returning home to do it all again!

What About Everything Else?

Just as our adventures have grown in size, so has our range. We now aim to bring you everything you need to complete any adventure and goal you set your sights on as safe as you possibly can.

No matter how big your goals are your kit shouldn’t limit you EVER!!

Our favourite adventures are out on the trail which is why the majority of our kit is geared towards trail runners, but we don’t feel limited by our adventures and are always up for a challenge as long as we approach it with humour and optimism. So you will find an assortment of safety kit no matter what active discipline you choose – or be like us and

don’t let yourself be defined by everyone else.

Don’t hesitate to check out our other brands: Proviz, Buff, Petzl, Clif, Ultimate Direction and so many more. Can’t find something that you have your heart set on? Just get in touch with us and ask us – it is a fair bet that we can get our hands on it for you. We use everything in our range in some shape or form.

If we don’t use it and like it, we won’t put it forward for you

to like, use and love just as much as we do.

What is Glimmer Gear Australia’s ethos?

We want every single one of you to feel supported and included as part of our Glimmer Gear Family. We are the type of people to stay at an event and cheer you on to help get you over the line. When you see us at an event,

we want to hear how you are feeling

about what you have done, or are about to do. We honestly see you all as part of our active family and love to hear about all your adventures – The good, the bad and the ugly but also the triumphs!

The Seriously Awesome Team

We are small, but we are big in spirit, determination, support and fun.

I’m Sarah, and most of the time it’s me you will interact with – yep seriously! Especially if you Facebook, Instagram, LiveChat or email us! Glimmer Gear Australia is essentially my baby. I am the type of person that wants everyone to enjoy what they do, have a good time and be happy about it (and yes I know what it’s like to suffer and be in the pain cave). I want to hear your stories, experiences, losses and the wins. I am a runner, swimmer, past Pilates instructor and a generally outdoor active person.

At events and occasionally online or over the phone, you will come across my husband Pete, my parents Chris and Vic, our awesome friend Elise and our super awesome employee Maddy and let’s not forget the team mascot and supervisor PJ Mouse – I couldn’t do any of this without them!

Never be afraid to come and say hi

to us when we are at an event, or even if you see us out and about training. You are likely to see us at aid stations, behind the scenes helping at events, out on course, at finish lines and on the sidelines cheering and supporting

Why? Cause we LOVE it!

Until we see you out and about, train hard, train well, but make sure you train safe, cause we want to celebrate adventures with you!

Sa x

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