About Us

Us in a Nutshell

Glimmer Gear Australia is all about your safety while you train.

Our ever-increasing range has state of the art LED equipment visible up to 500 meters away, nutrition, hydration and the best headlamps on the market. Like you, we are more than the sum of our parts with our ethos about your journey, your fitness, but most of all your safety.

No matter what the season or time of day you train, we have the kit to help you.

The Long Version

Who is Glimmer Gear Australia and What is Training Safe?

We are a small privately run company located in Melbourne, Australia.

Glimmer Gear Australia began our journey as ActiveEquip and have now become Glimmer Gear Australia. We are passionate about fitness, fun, family, friends, activity and getting out and about. Most importantly though we want to make sure we make it home again. Why? Simply because that is what we want too every time we train! Everything we sell is about making sure you get to train and make it home again. We are all about you running safe, riding safe, training safe and getting home safe.

Basically, don’t be afraid to Light Up!

Why did we bring it to Australia?

Why did we bring Glimmer Gear to Australia?

Because I (Sarah here, hi :)) had a couple of close calls with cars and crossing the road at pedestrian crossings and other runners and cyclists over a Melbourne winter and decided enough was enough and sought out a solution. I came across Glimmer Gear and loved the product concept and just fell in love with the product and that is how it all started. I know it has saved me getting cleaned up more than once, and I want to get as many people home safe again as possible.

Sa – About to run in Winter and avoiding being cleaned up by a car!


Why our slogan is the Brightest in Safety

The reason Glimmer Gear and Glimmer Gear Australia’s slogan is Brightest in Safety is due to our awesome light sources. Everything with an LED in it is visible up to 500 meters away. We want to make sure you are training safely by making yourself visible to others. Why? So that you make it home again and you don’t get hit by a car or collide with another runner or even have a stack with a fellow cyclist. We want all of you to train hard and train well, but most of all train safe and that is where our fit kit comes in.

We fully stand by our products and kit and we use it ourselves, if we don’t use it, we don’t sell it to you. ActiveEquip also known as Glimmer Gear Australia is very proud to partner with Glimmer Gear®.

What is Glimmer Gear and Why is it Here?

Glimmer Gear® was created for those who want to enjoy the outdoors doing what they love, whether it’s training, running, hiking, cycling, cave exploring, rollerblading, just taking a walk around the block, or on any outdoor or even indoor adventure you can dream. Glimmer Gear® products allow you to enjoy the outdoors in low and no light conditions safely, especially at dawn, dusk or dark. Our kit is equipped with LED lights or LED strips visible up to 500 meters away making you are highly visible to those around you and ensuring you run and train safe, but most importantly helping prevent you from becoming a statistic.

We are excited to offer you our current range of products and look forward to continually developing exciting products to help you enjoy your outdoor adventures! Best of all if you have an idea for a product or would like to see something, in particular, become available tell us!

All the Extras:

We are continually expanding our range and product offerings to include everything to help keep you safe when you are out and about. This is why you will see other brands included on our site.

We also want every single one of you to feel supported and included as part of our Glimmer Gear Family. We are the type of people to stay at an event and cheer you on to help get you over the line, and when you see us at an event, we want to hear how you are feeling about what you have done or are about to do. We honestly see you all as part of our active family and love to hear about all your adventures!

Our Team

We are small, but we are big in spirit, determination, support and fun.

I’m Sarah and most of the time it is me you will interact with. Glimmer Gear Australia is essentially my baby. I am the type of person that wants everyone to enjoy what they do, have a good time and be happy about it. I want to hear your stories, experiences, losses and the wins. I am a runner, swimmer, Pilates instructor and a generally outdoor active person.

At events and occasionally online or over the phone, you will come across my husband Pete, my parents Chris and Vic, our awesome friend Elise and our super awesome employee Maddy and let’s not forget the team mascot and supervisor PJ Mouse 😉 – I couldn’t do any of this without them! Never be afraid to come and say hi to us when we are at an event, or even if you see us out and about training.

Until we see you out and about, train hard, train well, but make sure you train safe!

Sa x