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Skin Strong

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    Skin Strong – Stick

    Just when you thought one of your favourite prevention products couldn't get any better outcomes Skin Strong in a Solid State!! Meet Stick - The latest member of the Skin Strong family! Anti-Chafe SOLID stick for long lasting protection against chafing and rubbing! Skin Strong chafe protection SOLID stick helps prevent chafe from rubbing.
    $19.99 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $5.00 with Afterpay

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    Prevention V Cure Spoil Pack

    At some point in your life, you have had a blister, and it sucks! I know I have had my share over the years or events, hiking and outdoor adventures. This doesn't even take into account the chafing!! You are out running your little heart out and you have a great time, you get back you are tender but all is good. It isn't until you get home, get in the shower to freshen up and the pain hits!!!! There is nothing like that first shower after you have received your chafing..... Let's just say both chafing and blisters plain suck. The upside to the above? Both Blisterproof and Skin Strong are designed to guard against both of these horrible ailments!! Slik works best on all those horrible hot spots, thighs, under your heart rate monitor etc, and the Dust is brilliant in shoes!! Better yet we know they work and work well. You won't be disappointed in this pack if you are prone to either blisters, hot spots or chafing. Because we know that prevention is better than cure sometimes.
    $49.95 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $12.49 with Afterpay

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    Skin Strong – SLATHER

    SLATHER is the ultimate long lasting chamois cream for unbeatable protection against chafing and hot spots. Has awesome anti-fungal tea tree oil, perfect for the saddle area and your feet with a subtle cooling formula that is super gentle on those delicate areas.
    $15.99$19.99 Inc GST

    or 4 payments from $4.00 with Afterpay

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    Skin Strong – SLIK

    SLIK is the awesome all-rounder. Convenient, non-greasy & non-staining spray formula. This powerhouse helps prevent runner's rub on feet, thighs (you know exactly how horrible that is!), underarms under sports bras and under HR Monitors! Spray under wetsuits (yep super wetsuit safe) for chafing prevention & quick removal. You can spray SLIK on your feet for super quick triathlon transitions too!
    $9.99$21.99 Inc GST

    or 4 payments from $2.50 with Afterpay

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    Skin Strong – SLIK DUST

    SLIK DUST anti-friction, anti-fungal powder eliminates blisters and prevents foot odour and shoe odour, how freakin awesome is that! Will not clump or break down like other powders. Long lasting protection!
    $21.99 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $5.50 with Afterpay