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    SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger

    The SPOT Gen 3 is the must-have piece of kit if you like to get out and about away from it all but maintain the ability to be safe and get help. SPOT Gen 3 allows for you to keep in touch with your loved ones, and keep them up to date on where you are even when your mobile phone is way out of range. Because this awesome piece of kit connects directly to the satellites you are always covered (as long as it has a clear range to the sky). The best feature though? When you are in a life-threatening situation (for example one of our amazingly deadly native wildlife species takes a chunk out of you) SPOT Gen 3 has your back by making sure you can get emergency services to you no matter where you are, even better they will be able to know your exact location thanks to you your SPOT! You will need to purchase a subscription when you have your SPOT Gen 3 (details are in the box, but expect to pay US$219.99 inc. GST for minimum annual service subscription) but we fully believe this is the device that may well save your life when you need it.
    $239.00 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $59.75 with Afterpay