Glimmer Gear Product FAQ’s

If you are wanting to replace the batteries in your Slap Band the video below is for you!


If you want to replace the batteries in your Wrist Band the video below is for you.


Here at Glimmer Gear Australia, we want you to get the very most out of our rechargeable batteries, which is why we have put together this list of instructions for you!
The very first time you charge these batteries make sure that the minimum charge time is 4 hours.
The initial charge must be completed via an external power supply, meaning not through a USB port on a laptop, computer, iPad, etc.
DO NOT store the batteries completely flat after the initial charge.
We recommend recharging fully after being unused for a period of time, especially if flat, before you next use.
We want you to get as much use and long life out of our kit and this includes the batteries!!
Make sure you do not submerge these batteries in water either. If you happen to fall in the water with your kit make sure you get your kit out asap and ensure it is turned off and left to dry out.
If you get caught in the rain DO NOT store or charge kit wet, this also applies to the exercise by-product of sweat. Ensure the product has completely dried out before storing or charging.

This honestly depends on the product and how it is being used. All Products that have batteries will list in the description - most likely under technical specs - the duration that a battery charge lasts for. If you find something that doesn't mention it just let us know and we will sort it!

General FAQ’s

Twice as long as it is from the middle to end.
Alternatively, it is twice half it's length.

All Glimmer Gear Brand products are resistant enough that you can go out and run and train in the rain and super crappy weather, but you can't submerge them in water - this means no washing the battery packs in the washing machine or swimming with your Glimmer Gear Branded products.
All Aftershokz products are durably designed for your active lifestyle and will reliably power through workouts and weather. They're nanotechnology coated to repel sweat and moisture; however, they're not waterproof and should not be submerged in water or left out in wet environments.
Seal Line products are SUPER waterproof and designed to keep what is inside dry - especially the E-Cases.
Petzl headlamps are perfectly designed like Aftershokz to take you through all sorts of conditions so don't let bad weather turn you off your training.
Let us know if you need to know if any other product is specifically waterproof or the conditions it is designed for and we will add it here, as well as let you know 😉


We get a lot of requests to be at a lot of events and we attend a LOT of events and expos around the country, which unfortunately means we have a LOT of clashes - UTA and SMH Half Marathon I am looking at you!
Seriously though, if you want to know if we are at an event check out our Event Calendar and if we are not at the particular event then shoot us an email to: hello@glimmergear.com.au to ask us if we can come along!

You get in contact with us and we make sure you get the right size of course 😉
Send us an email to hello@glimmergear.com.au of what the issue is, your name, what you ordered etc - basically let us know the problem or sizing issue - it may just be a fit thing like the running vest and need a little adjustment. We are here to help you!
A couple of things of note though. If you have purchased the wrong size, we are happy to exchange it for you. Before we can though we must inspect the goods to make sure they are in the exact condition we shipped them to you in. This means all tags intact, not actually worn or trained in, no stains, marks etc. Remember we must be able to resell these items. If we can't unfortunately, we can't exchange them for you, and you will be shipped these items back. If we can awesome news, we will ship the correct size out to you ASAP and don't worry we will let you know when they are on their way! All goods are returned to us at your cost and we suggest you make sure the item has tracking on it - if it never turns up back with us, we can't send you out the correct size.
Items that are not returned in the same condition that they were posted out to you in, or the sealed box has been opened will be charged a minimum 15% restocking fee.

Well, that honestly depends on the symbols! Head HERE to find out what every single one means!

We love hearing about what you are up to and how awesome your club is. We try to support as many clubs’ groups and organisations that are super awesome supporters themselves. Send us an email at hello@glimmergear.com.au if you have a club or group that is conscious about their safety and let us you how we can support you.
Yes, we do sponsor some events, but it depends on what is happening behind the scenes for us at the time. Do you have a fitness related event that you need help with? Shoot us an email and we will see what we can do. Unfortunately, we make no promises as we get LOTS of requests and we unfortunately can't say yes to all of them - we honestly wish we could!
If you are having a fundraiser and are after a helping hand, we have a couple of options for you. The two options that we do are stock sales for fundraising and gift vouchers. Again, though for us it depends on what else is happening behind the scenes. Make sure you send us an email to hello@glimmergear.com.au to ask us about it!

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