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Get Trashed With Us!

Get Trashed With Us!

Get Trashed With Us!

And help us do better by the planet!!

So your awesome goodies have arrived, and we had to ship them to you safely which means packaging to protect them during their travel adventures.

Here are a few tips from us to make sure you can help us do the best thing by the planet and the packaging that your awesome kit arrived in.

The black ‘Better Packaging Co’ courier satchels, white printed labels, and ‘Better Packaging Co’ zip lock bags can be composted at home by you how freakin cool is that it will all be worm food in no time! Heads up though – make sure you remove any sticky tape or Express Post tape, so we don’t give the worms a tummy ache. Better yet reuse the packaging to pay the awesome forward.

These guys – Compost the awesome at home or reuse

These guys – Compost the awesome at home or reuse

The ‘Better Packaging Co’ bubble satchel inserts need to be commercially composted. Why? Because they are three layers of awesome, so need a little extra help and heat to compost down. Make sure you remove any sticky tape so these guys can be worm food too – or better yet reuse it again to pay the awesome forward!

These guys – Compost the awesome commercially or reuse

We reuse a LOT of packaging that we receive your goodies in. We run a three-bin system in the office (cardboard and paper go out for recycling we have a big dumpster for what we can’t reuse), soft plastics go to the Redcycle program. What we can’t recycle, compost or reuse in any way, unfortunately, we send to landfill responsibly, but we are doing more and more to make sure this pile is less and less!

If by chance you received your goodies with any of the following: white courier satchel, old school bubble wrap (not compostable), plastic air spacer/cushions and Express Post tape – PLEASE – do what we do and either reuse them or put them in the Redcycle Soft Plastics recycling system!

These guys – Put in soft plastic recycling or reuse

Being the superstar that you are you already know that any cardboard used can go in with your normal recycling.

These guys – Put in your recycling or reuse

All packing tape we now use is Compostable as well!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Let’s work together to help protect the trails and great outdoors that we LOVE!!

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