Our Ambassadors

Here is the page you expect a lot of businesses to list a group of athletes that are their current Official Brand Ambassadors – and that is totally cool and seriously awesome if it helps you to feel inspired and like you can achieve every single one of your goals.

We have found that it doesn’t quite work like that for us personally.


We have come up with a different solution!

Here at Glimmer Gear Australia HQ we FIRMLY believe that every single person that interacts with us online or at an event or expo or purchases anything from us at any time is a Brand Ambassador for us and we want you to feel that and feel like an Official Glimmer Gear Australia Ambassador.

So here is what we have come up with! We want you to not only feel like you are our official Ambassador we want you to be able to get access to the perks as well 😉

We have created our Glimmer Gear Squad Memberships and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

To find out more out officially joining our Glimmer Gear Squad Membership and getting all the Ambassador perks click the link HERE 

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms officially into our Glimmer Gear Squad as a fully signed up Member!

Sa x

Come join the Glimmer Family Fun!

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