Our Past Ambassadors

We are all about supporting those that come and say hello to us, and we love encouraging and hearing what is going on for you and your training.

On this page you will find our past official Glimmer Gear Australia Brand Ambassadors – we still LOVE them dearly, but we now want EVERY single one of you to feel exactly how they feel!

We love everything that they are achieving and accomplishing. We do everything we can to help support them and we love their ethos, that is why they were an ambassador.

Amelia Griffith

Amelia is hands down one of the nicest, kindest and most humble runners you will hands down ever meet! Her enthusiasm for running is contagious and any time spent with her running or catching up is just empowering. This chick is brilliant, and we are so proud to officially have had her as part of our Ambassador Family. Amelia has some HUGE goals and I just know she will reach every single one of them, and we can’t wait to help her! She also gives the best hugs ever!!!

I was born in Sydney, and I’ve loved running ever since I was 10 years old and first started doing X-Country at Primary School.  Although I did a lot of other sports when growing up, running was the only one I consistently kept up once I left high school.

Whilst at University I did a lot of 10km fun runs and the City to Surf events in Perth and Sydney, and I did my first half marathon when I was 21.  Running was just something fun for me, and I challenged myself to a marathon when I was 24, so I entered in the Canberra Running Festival.  I had no idea about proper training and gels and carbs back then, and I clearly remember hitting “the wall” at 38kms.  I felt like I couldn’t run any further and was walking along-side a lovely man who was in his late sixties, and he turned to me and said, “why are you walking?”.  I replied, “my legs are sore and I’m really tired.”  He then asked me how many marathons I had done, and then told me his story.  He was up to his 23rd marathon and had just had his 7th hip replacement.  The moral of the story that I still reflect on to this day was that I had NO excuse to be walking given that I was so young and fit, so off I jogged, slowly, towards the finish line.

I did my first ultra marathon in 2014 – a 50km looped running event around the Tan Track in Melbourne, hosted by Trails+, which I’ve now done four times.

Enjoyment, satisfaction and curiosity are my main drivers for running, and I’m continually wondering just how far I can run and in what conditions (I am a naturally inquisitive person who always likes to know “why”, “how” or “why not”).

In 2015 I did the Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa (which I LOVED), and then backed it up in 2016.  Last year, 2017, was my biggest year of running, having completed the Marathon des Sables multi-stage event in Morocco (250kms across the Sahara Desert) and finishing my first 100 mile event in the You Yangs in Victoria.

My next major goal is to be selected for Spartathlon in Greece, and then eventually have the courage to do the Sri Chimnoy Self Transcendence Peace mile run in New York (a 3100 mile run around a single block!).  I’m also currently training for a 12 hour race in which I hope to get over 132kms.

Outside of running, I love catching up with friends and exploring new trails or travelling to new places, learning languages, drinking coffee and eating good food.

Running for me is not just about fitness.  It allows me to clear my head and relax after a long day in the office; it brings me the feeling of freedom and pleasure when I’m outdoors doing something I love; it takes me to places I otherwise wouldn’t visit; I meet the most amazing people, and I get to test myself and push my boundaries.

Richard North

Richard is a top guy and a super supportive runner. He loves the trails and can be found most often out there in the wild playing in the mud and jumping in all the puddles. I honestly don’t think he would have it any other way. We are stoked to have had him on board and have loved helping him achieve his goals.

You are going to love this guy as much as we do!

Richards running journey started as a joke back in 2010 running the Mother’s Day Classic under a friend’s bib. He was majorly hung over and even though he stopped to have a smoke half way round he ran the 8km run in 39 minutes (something a lot of us only dream of?). He didn’t run again that year but continued his battle with alcohol, drug abuse and chronic depression. After 2 failed suicide attempts, he got back into doing things that made him happy. In 2011 he changed careers and now works as a Personal Trainer in West Footscray whilst also being a qualified run coach – Super busy guy!

Richard returned to running at the 2012 Mother’s Day Classic 8km.

Since 2012 he has run a few smaller “fun runs” before jumping in the deep end and doing his first marathon in 2015. Keep in mind Richard completed a full 42.2km event before even contemplating entering a half! From this point he became super focused and lived, breathed and ran marathons. With this focus in 3 years he went from a 3hr41 to a 3hr29 with 2016 his PB time. He wasn’t finished there and in December 2016 he went to a hot Gold Coast 50km and ran a top 50 finish on a day the temps topped 42 degrees in 4hrs42, also placing him just outside the top 100 best times in the country in the AURA 50km standings. No easy feat!

From there he made the move into trails as he thought he was too old and slow for road marathons. This is where we now find him mostly running in the mud and jumping in puddles, but hey isn’t that what trails are all about – don’t forget the food either!

In 2017 he was a regular fixture on the local Ultra Trail scene and during this period he gained a bit of a reputation for his consistency. Richards name was always within the top 20 of his events.

He’s super excited about the 2018 year. Richard has switched his focus towards more Alpine running and 100km events along with the birth of his first child – Which we are pretty pumped about too!!

He aims to qualify and enter the Western States Endurance Run 100 mile and Hard Rock 100 mile in America. And honestly knowing him I have no doubt he will do it!

This guy moves fast on and off the trails so watch this space, you can bet we will keep you updated!

You can find out more and follow Richard’s adventures on Instagram

Michelle Cooper

Watch this space I know Michelle has a lot more on the go and is seriously an amazing and inspirational individual and we are right behind her every single step of the way.

The glorious and gorgeous Michelle Cooper was our very first official ambassador.

Michelle is a super active athlete, and we don’t just mean she trains a lot, she is fully involved in her chosen sport of triathlon. She is a coach, mentors and supports junior, male and female, world championship level, beginners and special needs and para-athletes. Michelle personally races in Ironman and Olympic distance triathlons locally and around the world, averaging 10-15 events per year and is a self-confessed late entry into the world of triathlon. Michelle is the founder of SBR Triathlon Club and completes 10-12 training sessions per week and more than 20 hours “on deck” coaching each week.

We love her for all of this and more! Being the first female Vice President of Triathlon Australia is just awesome and we love how super nice, honest and empowering she is, things we pride ourselves on being here too. In addition to all of this she is loyal, particular and purposeful. An amazing role model and speaker. Even if we can’t watch her compete in person, we will always be there cheering her on as loudly as we can from afar. She is part of our family and we are so very proud to have this amazing chick a member of it! You can find out more about Michelle on her Website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Better yet if you see her competing wish her well and watch her smash it out of the park. If you are after a coach you will want to get in touch with this amazing, encouraging and tough chick, she will help you achieve your goals!

Thank you, Michelle, for being part of our family. We can’t wait to watch you achieve more amazing things and support you!

Bronia (Bron) Cameron

When you get the amazing chance to interact with Bron you realise exactly how awesome this chick is. She is super smart, motivating, positive and one of the hardest working and most passionate people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Bron is a runner, triathlete and takes part in more than a few Sprint distance triathlons throughout this glorious country. With a super busy schedule that includes 10 to 15 hours of training a week she is also attending University full time and works part time.

In November 2017 she will graduate from the University of Queensland with a degree in Sports Studies and Ancient History/History. Bron we think you rock!

We love her drive and want to support her as much as we can in person and virtually to achieve her goal of World Championship Qualification this year. She is one of the best and honest product testers we can ask for as she does most of her training in the dark due to her super busy schedule. Bron, know that we will always have your back!

You are likely to see her out and about training with the brilliant SBR Triathlon team or with her faithful four-legged pal Jasper.

Keep up the awesome work chick you are going to totally smash your goals!!

You can follow her on Instagram here or check out her webpage here.

Kel Walker

Overall Kel’s main goal is to have fun, enjoy it and run well. Consistency is king!

About Kel:

Kel was our very first official Male ambassador and we were so very stoked to have him on board! This larger than life guy has over 20 years of Defence and Law Enforcement experience and retired from the AFP back in 2011. He is now the Administration Manager at Australia’s busiest Golf Course at Moore Park (even though he is based in Sydney we won’t hold that against him 😉 ). Other than school carnivals Kel wasn’t into athletics but he did play lots of sports, a bit like a lot of us he hated the longer distances but was quick over the shorter ones.

Kel was introduced to the City2Surf by his current partner when he relocated to Sydney, I think it is safe to say that this is where is love affair with running really started. This is where we let Kel’s bio speak for itself 🙂

“When I relocated to Sydney, I met my current partner and she introduced me to the City2Surf. At the time I was refereeing A grade Rugby League in NSW and was reasonably fit allowing me to complete the distance in 1:36’31. The competitive nature within me generated the desire to improve my times each year resulting in a new PB this year of 1:14’23. I am still chasing the elusive sub 70 minutes to progress into the red starting group.


About 3 years ago now I was training at Vision Personal Training and my trainer asked what my goal was. At that time, it was to run a half marathon. I ended up running my first half marathon in the Blackmores Running Festival in a time of 2:03’54. Since then I have now completed three half marathons with another in a couple of weeks. After the race my trainer said, ‘What’s next?’ So, I said let’s do a marathon. I ran my first marathon on the Gold Coast in 2015 with a time of 4:59’14. It was such a challenge, but I ran the full distance. Unfortunately, I was in a lot of pain at the finish that I didn’t really appreciate it and said to myself NEVER AGAIN. Whilst waiting at the airport that night to fly back to Sydney I was chatting to another runner who was off to another marathon the following weekend. He said ‘If you complete one marathon, you are a ‘Bucket List’ runner. However, if you complete two or more you are a Marathoner!’ This really resonated with me, so I went back to my personal trainer and said lets train to qualify for the TCS New York Marathon at the age of 50.

Since then I have built a support team that is helping me to achieve this goal. It is a massive challenge and will take a lot of work. At the time of writing this the qualifying time for a 50 year old at New York Marathon is 3:14’00 and that means I need to drop my marathon time by an hour 45 minutes. With the help of my coach, the running community and businesses such as Glimmer Gear I know that I can achieve anything. I tend to align myself with businesses that can make a difference to the lives of the everyday runner. Glimmer Gear does that for me. As my training has ramped up over the winter period I would often be out there running in the Dark around the Streets of Leichhardt. Glimmer Gear makes sure that vehicles and other runners can see me coming well in advance and ensures my safety.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing product that helps keep us all safe.”

I can safely say that I think your history in the Defence and Law Enforcement will serve you well in you stripping of your marathon time mate. We are so very excited to have you on board and can’t wait to help you achieve your goal/s!! I have no doubt you will make it and I very much look forward to being able to cheer you on and keep you safe!

You can follow Kel’s journey on Instagram here.

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