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Our Latest Addition – Lunette Menstrual Cup - Running

Our Latest Addition – Lunette Menstrual Cup

Let’s face it us women are pretty badass, however sometimes we are not as badass as we like to be especially when we get our period. I can honestly speak from personal experience when I say that there is nothing worse than having your period and being an athlete at any level. Let’s face it chicks, female sanitary products are not always our friends, they are bulky, irritating and you need to super regularly change them and NOONE wants to do that on trail! Let’s not even talk about the landfill involved.

I want to introduce to you something that will keep you being totally badass even when you have your period and best yet you are going to love it as much as I do!

Most of us that train hard are pretty in touch with our bodies and respect what they can and sometimes cannot do. Trust me when I say a Lunette Menstrual Cup is going to help you do that.

I came across these awesome products about 10 years ago and as I always did I researched all I could on them for about 12 months (also known as procrastinating 😉). I learned all about the ins and outs, the dos and the don’ts. Suffice to say I felt confident when I finally took the plunge to purchase my first cup, even if a little apprehensive about how it would all work.

Looking back now I can have a good old giggle about it all. I can also look back now and say it was single handily the best decision I ever made regarding dealing with my period. I can hear you ask why. Yes, there is a learning curve at first, but this is no different to the first time you used a pad or a tampon, trust me on this. With a little bit of practice (and I guarantee you will have it down pat after your first period), you will get a leak-free fit. What does this mean? It means you can continue to be super badass on trail, in the pool, on the road, where ever your outdoor adventures take you!

What are my favourite things about it? I love that it is a soft medical grade silicone. This means it conforms to me and my body without digging in or poking me. In addition, there are no messy fibres left behind or introduced into a space that they shouldn’t be and no worry of chemicals or bleaches etc. They collect rather than absorb, why is this great? For starters, it won’t dry you out and drive you crazy. It also means that it won’t interfere with you and your body. There is no landfill needed. Think about that for a moment. There is nothing when you use Lunette that needs to go to landfill. It takes 500-800 years for each individual sanitary pad to breakdown in a landfill. This doesn’t even include the wrapper that it came in! Even the packaging that Lunette comes in is recyclable. There has never been a case of Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with a cup, ever. It is completely smooth on the inside and nowhere for bacteria and yeast to hide. You will get 5 to 10 years of use out of a single cup. Yes, the upfront cost is a little more expensive than your average sanitary product, but I think you will agree with me this is no average sanitary product.😉 This means that within three periods it has paid for itself!

I love that you can get 12 hours of use out of it without the need to change it or empty it. How awesome is that for that long trail run or marathon run? In addition to that, you know those days where you are pretty sure you are getting your period but it hasn’t started yet? Well, this is where the cup beats everything else hands down. You can pre-emptively use it and not worry about any side effects because of the awesomeness I mentioned earlier. I am also a swimmer and any of you brilliant chicks that swim also know what it is like to swim with your period and using a tampon. Those strings are brilliant at acting like a straw and sucking up all the water you are swimming in too. With Lunette you don’t need to worry about that at all and best of all no leaks and no strings attached!

I was and still am so very excited that I have been able to add Lunette to our range of products. I believe that personal health is important and periods are not something women should be embarrassed about EVER! I love that Lunette are on a mission to empower women and I am very happy that I get to help do that.

I also want all of you amazing chicks to know that I am here for you and I want you all to be able to be permanently badass, hassle-free and safe! That is one of the main reasons I started this company, to make sure people could train hard, train safe and make it home again. I firmly believe that for us female athletes a Lunette Menstrual Cup is paramount to that.

I also want you awesome chicks to know that I am always here to answer questions you may have, you just need to get in touch with me. If you are thinking about trying Lunette but you want to ask a question or two first, please do!! I promise you I am super friendly and always happy to answer any questions you have either on Lunette or any of our range!

Keep training safe you amazing people, and you rocking chicks make sure you stay badass!

Sa x

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