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Our Top 4 Hated Pre and Post-Training Disasters - Screaming

Our Top 4 Hated Pre and Post-Training Disasters

– and how you can solve them

We have all had it happen – about to head out on your long training session, you are prepping everything ready to go and there it is staring back at you…

Empty shelves…

Yep, you are out of your favourite, most trusted nutrition or hydration…

Insert horrible gastric training disaster here (we have heard and seen some absolute classics too!).

Or worse yet, you get all your nutrition prepped and you are ready to go… all that is left to do is lube up to avoid being torn to shreds by the sheer activity you love doing.

Only to discover that the amount you have left isn’t enough to even cover your big toe…

Fast track to the end of your session when you get home and jump in the shower… suddenly you could become the Australian Opera’s latest soprano or the lead actor in Hitchcock’s Psycho

The final tragedy though is when you go to put on your favourite socks that have been in high rotation for the month…

And there staring back at you…

Is your toe.

What could possibly trump all of these, I hear you ask…For those of us that prefer to train outdoors it is the dreaded sunburn!

The horrendous feeling of baking from the outside in, with the post-fun of peeling, blisters and pain so bad you can’t take the punishment of anything touching you.

It always seems to last so much longer than you think it will.

This too would have been easily avoided had you remembered to pick up some more sunscreen on the way home from work the other night, but yep you forgot to do that as well.

Subscriptions are the perfect solution to these top 4 training disasters as they stop you from:

  • Running out – pick what you want and we will automatically send you more at exactly your choosing – every two weeks, monthly or every 2 months.
  • You don’t have to settle – you can pick your favourite flavour or you can leave the decisions to us and have it totally randomised. The choice is yours.
  • If your training load increases or decreases so should your subscription – yep we really believe that if your training load changes you should be able to change your necessities.
  • Too much or too little – you have all the power in this relationship… you can scale it up or down until you get it just right, and
  • If you are like us, you like a surprise in the mail – join the monthly club and get excited about your monthly delivery.

Tailor your perfect Subscription, or purchase the perfect gift HERE

Still not sure?

Not a problem – we will shoot you through some of our most common questions and answers on our subscriptions for you to read when you are ready. Just let us know where we can send it. Alternatively, you can check out all our FAQ’s on Subscriptions HERE.

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Tailor your perfect Subscription, or purchase the perfect gift HERE

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