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LED Kit: Body

LED Kit Worn on the Body

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    Glimmer Gear LED Cycle Jersey

    Durable LED Cycling Jersey fits easily and comfortably while you concentrate on your ride! Put it on, turn it on and forget about it! The easiest way to keep safe when you ride with rear lights visible up to 500 meters away.  
    $149.95 $49.95 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $12.49 with Afterpay

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    Glimmer Gear USB Rechargeable LED Body Belt

    Glimmer Gear LED Rechargeable Body Belt provides visibility, comfort, and safety. Made with a fully adjustable elastic strap (for awesome comfort) whilst being lightweight, durable and USB rechargeable so no need to replace batteries and less junk heading to a landfill. It will quickly become your go-to bit of safety Fit Kit. I love my Body Belt and use it all the time for running. It quickly became an essential part of my Fit Kit. You can even add it to around your bag or backpack if you ride a motorbike and drastically increase your visibility to others, helping you to get home safe. We know horse riders that use this super item too.  How do we wear it? Personally, my favorite way is as a belt, but I know others that just love to wear it as a sash! Maybe they like to pretend they have been crown Mr or Mrs Universe ;) who knows! Either way, you will totally rock it! When you purchase two or more of these awesome Body Belts you will save $5.00 per belt too!! (Excluding Sale Periods ;) )
    $39.95 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $9.99 with Afterpay

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    Glimmer Gear USB Rechargeable Road Rider LED Cycling Jacket

    The ultimate in cycling jackets, providing full coverage against the elements while providing the brightest in visibility through both active and passive light sources. This jacket is both functional and comfortable and is sure to keep you visible!  

    Please Note: These jackets are factory samples which is why we have limited sizes and they are marked down. Unfortunately, because they are factory samples they do have some small black marks on the yellow fabric due to the colour of the lining. These do not in any way affect the function, fit or performance of the product.

    $224.95 $59.95 Inc GST

    or 4 payments of $14.99 with Afterpay