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Magnetic Hose Hook – Generic Hydration Pack

Magnetic Hose Hook – Generic Hydration Pack

$24.95 Inc GST

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$24.95 Inc GST

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This is a Magnetic hose hook/clip that will fit most Hydration packs with a strap that is 10mm wisde. No more having to tuck the hose in a pocket or behind a strap to stay in place. If on some runs you are not using the bladder the new hook can remain in place and still be used as the original hook, so it’s always there when you need it.

To use thread the base through the strap as shown in the pictures, clip the hose clip on to the hose. When the hose clip gets near the base it will be attracted and stick to the base. The rim on the base makes sure once together they don’t slip apart while running. To drink from the hose just pull it off the base.

Wanna see it in action? Watch the video!

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This clip uses strong Neodymium Magnets encased in PLA plastic.

Base size    43mm x 15mm x 5mm
Hose Clip size  16mm x 18mm x 14mm

You get one magnetic base to go on the strap and one magnetic hose clip for you hydration hose.

Safety Note: People with Pacemakers or Ferromagnetic Implants should not use magnets close to or near their body. They should consult their device manufacturer for specific warnings.

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