ActiveEquip Running safety including visibility and mandatory gear for trail runners
ActiveEquip Train Hard Train Safe Running apparel. Proviz. Buff. Petzl, Leki and everything you need to run safe so you can make it home and run again

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Hi I'm Sarah the Chief Cheerleader at ActiveEquip

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I am the Chief Cheerleader at ActiveEquip. I am a super passionate ultimate back of the pack trail runner (becuase that is where the party is!) that has a love hate relationship with ultra running.

I log a lot of k's on the treadmill and road alike and believe that every single runner, this means YOU, deserves to be supported, cheered and helped to achieve their goals - no matter what they are!

ActiveEquip was born out of a passion to be able to train hard, run safe and be supported no matter what time of day I chose to run or where my feet take me.