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A Time of Crisis

Like pretty much every individual and every single business, we are watching and monitoring with bated breath, the situation and recommendations surrounding COVID-19. It is a terrifying time on so many levels. Just like everyone, we are putting measures into place to make sure we stay as safe as possible and that anything we ship out is also as safe as possible when we ship it. We are monitoring ourselves, and the complete team for any signs of illness and we have all got massively dry hands from all the hand washing and disinfecting of the office and packaging areas. We are a small but united team and doing everything we can to keep us and you safe. We feel it is crucial to acknowledge that this is the start, and we will continue to implement any recommendations handed down or suggested by authorities.

On a much more personal note, I want to express my heartfelt terror in what we are up against here. It breaks my heart – like I am sure it does yours – that the next four months of events for you, and us, have been cancelled or at the very least postponed to later in the year. It’s very likely the goalpost you have been working towards is now no longer there, and just like me you feel lost.

The goalposts and the events moving and changing is something we have no control over.

Read that again.

The goalposts and the events moving and changing is something we have NO CONTROL OVER.

None, nada, absolutely no control whatsoever.

What can we control in this instance?

Our attitude, our willingness to train, our drive to improve, our ability to be kind and supportive of ourselves and others, and finally, we can control our mindset although sometimes we need a little help to do this.

That is ok.

It is human to need a little bit of help sometimes, or sometimes to need a lot of help. We often find asking for help the most challenging and painful part of the process.

There are positives in this situation and time of increased isolation. Yes, they may be harder to find, but I promise you they are there.

You get to find what makes you shine. You get to move your way. You get to take stock of what is important to you. You get to reset your goals. You get to commit to your new goals and actively work towards them.

Now, more than ever, I feel we must keep moving, training, running, riding, walking, hiking and adventuring. Yes, we are going to have to be active a lot more on our own or in super small groups. We all know that activity helps with our mental states and helps us feel human when the world feels so entirely out of control. It also helps boost our immunity, most of all it helps a lot of us stay sane – that in the current climate is worth more than money can buy.

What do we promise? We promise during this time to communicate honestly with you. Why? We ARE a community – we are the Glimmer Family! You communicate honestly and openly with your family. Period. We promise to support you in reaching your fantastic, incredible, brand new goals in any way we can! We promise to keep reaching for our goals and yep Wifey, and I have yet again signed up for GOW 100s Trail Run as a team. My personal goal is to have this turtle finally find some turbo that sticks. As a team, we want to keep nurturing this amazing Glimmer Family. We also want to keep helping you get all the gear you need to keep your training going no matter what your goal.

Because we are a family, we need your help and suggestions! We want to know how we can help you reach your goals during this time! How can we motivate you? How can we keep you on track? What can we do to keep you moving through this crazy upsidown time?

We are facing something that we have never encountered before — a situation and climate that we have not had to face, any of us. So even though we are socially isolating, let’s face it together! We are here! Just let us know how we can help you!! We are open to any idea or suggestion you can come up with – some we may even be able to put into immediate action. You need to help us out Glimmer Fam cause we are struggling to come up with ideas that we feel will help you get to where you want to be when all this craziness is over.

Most of all Glimmer Fam stay safe out there,

Sa x

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