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My Top Buff Uses

Buffs really are awesome, I swear there are 101 uses for them, but I have narrowed my favourite uses down in the following video! Have a watch and see exactly how I normally and regularly use my Buff. 

Honest truth – I never ever run without one!

Perfect for wiping your face or nose on the go. I don’t leave home without this one and a sweatband Buff – Yep I am a prolific sweater.

This is my second never run without this Buff style. Seriously stops the sweat running into my eyes.

You really can turn a Buff into a beanie when the weather turns. The perfect not too hot not too cold head cover!

Ever find it’s too cold to comfortably breathe in and out when you run? This is the PERFECT way to stop that sensation, breathe easy and stop your nose from feeling like it’s going to fall off from the cold.

When you feel like your ears are being eaten by the cold weather this is the best way to wear your Buff. Plus it helps keep your earbuds in.

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