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Spring has Sprung

So it’s Spring…

Have you got your armoured hat at the ready?

Yep, its officially Magpie season. For runners, cyclists, walkers and outdoor people everywhere it’s the time of year where nightmares come true!

Ove the years we have seen all sorts of strategies to avoid being swooped. I am pretty sure though that the only real way to avoid it is to stay inside. That really isn’t a true option though so here are some tips the internet has and some strange things we have seen to help prevent being swooped over the years (full disclosure – they are likely NOT to work but may result in hilarity for onlookers…).

  1. Wear a helmet – yep even when walking
  2. Attach cable ties to said helmet – hey extra height has to help doesn’t it
  3. If on a bike attach a large orange flag – who cares about aero right…
  4. Walking? Hold a large branch above your head – get an arm workout as well
  5. Be covered with an open umbrella – not super practical
  6. Use googly eyes – as much as we love these we are sceptical
  7. Wear dark sunglasses – hey if they don’t stop the swooping at least your eyes will be protected and you may not see the bird streamlining towards you
  8. Don’t make eye contact – nope don’t even think about it
  9. Run screaming at full throttle with arms and legs waving about, singing at the top of your lungs the proclaimers 500 miles
  10. Attach rotating bird repellent rods to your hat and or helmet – hey they might even act like a windchime and play music

Seriously though – these birds scare the absolute crapola out of me. Yep, really!

I really believe the best strategy is to avoid the areas these crazy Australian birds hang out. How do you do that?

Find an alternate route – easy right. Yes I hear you laughing and scoffing at me! Seriously though there is an AWESOME website that you can put your Magpie Swooping attacks into and find out where others have been swooped. Check it out at: It will give you a great breakdown of where these feathered creatures are swooping and the areas you really need to avoid.

Remember sharing is caring so if you get swooped upload it to the site. I would also love to know if you have found a way to reliably avoid being swooped by these crazy birds as well so let us know if you have.

In the mean time stay safe out there – it’s only until the end of spring isn’t it?


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