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42 Random Thoughts as I Build for My First Marathon

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A lot of you will know that I am currently in build phase for my first marathon in a little over two weeks, yep the shit is getting real people. Because of this my training is starting to really be awesome and tough all in one. I have started keeping stock of all my random thoughts while I run and that I have to do with my running. I wonder how many of these you will have thought as well at some point during your training!

To give you some context on some of the points below I run at strange hours. It is not uncommon for me to go for a run at 9pm at night or in the middle of the day. To give you further insight I normally run in my trail vest – I feel seriously naked without it, and when I run at dark I always run with my Glimmer Gear and a headlamp. My neighbours are used to it, but strangers not so much….

So here goes….

42 Random thoughts I have had during the build phase for my Marathon.

  1. Oh man why can’t the GPS signal just get a fix straight away.
  2. Crap it’s cold.
  3. Did I charge my headlamp?
  4. When was the last time I charged my headlamp?
  5. Oh, awesome song!
  6. I hope that dog is on lead – Why is that dog not onlead!!!
  7. I wonder if I give this runner a high five how weird that would be.
  8. Where is that screaming kid?
  9. Do I really need the loo?
  10. Is that pizza?
  11. Oh man it smells soooooo good!!
  12. I am sooooo hungry!
  13. How did this song make it on my playlist?
  14. I should have worn less layers.
  15. Ohh rain yay!
  16. Yes Mr policeman it is just me randomly doing my long run at 10pm at night…. Nothing to see here except some crazy chick getting her km’s in.
  17. Oh yeah awesome song!!! Turn up that volume!!!
  18. Walk breaks should be dance breaks!
  19. Food!
  20. Yay 15 min food reminder – yummmmm
  21. Is it Blok or actual food time?? I can’t remember, stupid runners brain.
  22. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know my HR is out of the zone – I’m running up a god dam hill.
  23. Where’s the nearest loo?
  24. Oh man…. Yep pit stop needed aka emergency loo stop – just gotta make it to the loo so I don’t have to break out the emergency tissues!!
  25. (as I walk into McDonalds, Bunnings or any facility with a loo) Yep I know I look super strange I don’t normally just walk around like this I promise, it is either I use the loo here of a soil myself….
  26. What’s with the random stranger horn beeping – get a freakin life!
  27. Crap clearly I didn’t charge my headlamp (as it’s flashed and gone into limp home mode….)
  28. Shut up legs – we are not stopping
  29. Come on channel your inner Dory – just keep swimming!
  30. What is that noise? (random pack rattle/sound that just gets super irritating!!)
  31. Crap forgot the chafing spray.
  32. Thank god for the anti-chafe!
  33. As I step into the shower after a run – AAAGGGGGHHHHH crap I forgot about the chafing!!!
  34. Opps didn’t see that crack/bump as I almost fall flat on my face.
  35. Look at the view!
  36. How does the entire freakin route feel uphill?
  37. This song sucks! SKIIIIIPPP!
  38. Thank god for my buff.
  39. I wish my nose would stop dripping.
  40. Am I there yet?
  41. Random pedestrian can you hog the path anymore???
  42. Thank god for coffee…..

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