Random thoughts endurance athletes have when training
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Random thoughts of a distance runner

I have always maintained that endurance athletes (I included myself in that statement even if right now my distances are short in comparison) are a little bit and sometimes a lot crazy. We tend to ...
ActiveEquip Blog Daylight Savings Time
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Daylight Training

It is no secret that home for us in Melbourne. We love our leavy greenwedge suburb, hilly as it is, it really is home for us. Because we are in Melbourne we are now officially on Daylight Savings T...
Trail and ultra running and issues that arrise. Trail running poles - ActiveEquip

The Long Road to Howqua and the Case of the Disappearing Poles

“Lightning Protocol” is a phrase that sends Race Directors, Vollies, Event Medics and participants hearts into a free fall in the high country. Some runners think that the sole purpose of this prot...
Thoughts you have while preparing for a marathon a runners journey ActiveEquip
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42 Random Thoughts as I Build for My First Marathon

A lot of you will know that I am currently in build phase for my first marathon in a little over two weeks, yep the shit is getting real people. Because of this my training is starting to really be...
What type of runner am i? ActiveEquip running throughts and tips funny running thoughts
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What Type of Runner Am I?

Most of you know that I am a Pilates Instructor as well as an avid and crazy runner, business owner and motivator. At the Pilates studio that I teach at we have a fortnightly staff meeting where we...