Guest Blog by Em Donker - What happens to your running form as you fatigue - ActiveEquip
Guest Blog

What Happens to Your Running Form as You Fatigue - Guest Blog by Emily Donker

Emily (we super affectionately call her Em 😉) Is one of the world’s nicest humans. She is a super knowledgeable and qualified podiatrist, running and triathlon coach and Pro Triathlete! She shar...
How to get your feet ready to run - ActiveEquip Guest blog by Emily Donker
Guest Blog

Guest Blog by Emily Donker - Get Your Feet Ready to Run

Emily is a super awesome all round top human! Emily is a fully qualified Podiatrist, Pro Triathlete, Coach and Gait Analyzer/Fixer! You can find out more about Emily and everything she is about HER...
Guest Blog by Chris White from GoRun Australia on what you should do when something is in the way - ActiveEquip

Guest Blog by Chris White - The Obstacle is The Way

Chris White from Go Run Australia lets us in on his inner thoughts from a solo distance adventure. Let us know if it resonates with you as much as it does with us. It is often the scariest most ter...
Guest Blog by Ben Shpherd Cairns Ironman Race Report ActiveEquip
Guest Blog

Cairns Ironman 2019 - Race Report

Guest Blog by: Ben Shepherd First of all, let me paint the scene for you. It’s 0100 h the morning after the race, the only muscles that still work are my fingers, my digestive system is in overdriv...