Random thoughts endurance athletes have when training
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Random thoughts of a distance runner

I have always maintained that endurance athletes (I included myself in that statement even if right now my distances are short in comparison) are a little bit and sometimes a lot crazy. We tend to ...
Guest Blog by Em Donker - What happens to your running form as you fatigue - ActiveEquip
Guest Blog

What Happens to Your Running Form as You Fatigue - Guest Blog by Emily Donker

Emily (we super affectionately call her Em 😉) Is one of the world’s nicest humans. She is a super knowledgeable and qualified podiatrist, running and triathlon coach and Pro Triathlete! She shar...
Embrace your inner force and determination - ActiveEquip
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Embrace the Force

There is a saying that I love. “Running is a mental sport. And yes, we are all insane.” I am not sure who said it initially, but it often rings true for me. It resonates with me. It ties in perfect...
Our top tips to stop chafing and blisters - ActiveEquip
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Our Top Tips to Stop Chafing

Let’s face it chafing really does suck – sometimes at the time, it happens and especially in the shower afterwards! We all know that face you make when the water and sweat combine and hit all those...
Trail and ultra running and issues that arrise. Trail running poles - ActiveEquip

The Long Road to Howqua and the Case of the Disappearing Poles

“Lightning Protocol” is a phrase that sends Race Directors, Vollies, Event Medics and participants hearts into a free fall in the high country. Some runners think that the sole purpose of this prot...
What exactly is ultra running - ActiveEquip
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The Unnatural Un-Ultra /Ultra Runner

I had grand visions, huge visions, amazing visions of being a seriously athletic, tall, lean strong runner that could leap into burning buildings and be the hero. You see the entire reason I starte...
What it takes to run an ultra - ActiveEquip
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The Road to an Ultra

In my head I have written this post a thousand times (generally on each long run), but this is actually the first time I have sat myself down and put words on the screen. I remember that feeling la...