Things runners should never do - our top tips - ActiveEquip
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5 Things Runners Should NEVER Do!

You may not know this about me but I used to be a Pilates instructor. I LOVED it. I was a super hands-on, passionate, small group class (max of 4 participants) teacher. During this time and as I ha...
Our top tips to stop chafing and blisters - ActiveEquip
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Our Top Tips to Stop Chafing

Let’s face it chafing really does suck – sometimes at the time, it happens and especially in the shower afterwards! We all know that face you make when the water and sweat combine and hit all those...
Our Top Tips to surviving summer run training - ActiveEquip
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Summer Training Top Tips

So it is officially summer here in the southern hemisphere. Melbourne has done its typical boiling hot for a few days then needing to turn the heater on the next; well, they do say variety is the s...
How to get your feet ready to run - ActiveEquip Guest blog by Emily Donker
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Guest Blog by Emily Donker - Get Your Feet Ready to Run

Emily is a super awesome all round top human! Emily is a fully qualified Podiatrist, Pro Triathlete, Coach and Gait Analyzer/Fixer! You can find out more about Emily and everything she is about HER...
Trail and ultra running and issues that arrise. Trail running poles - ActiveEquip

The Long Road to Howqua and the Case of the Disappearing Poles

“Lightning Protocol” is a phrase that sends Race Directors, Vollies, Event Medics and participants hearts into a free fall in the high country. Some runners think that the sole purpose of this prot...
Guest Blog by Chris White from GoRun Australia on what you should do when something is in the way - ActiveEquip

Guest Blog by Chris White - The Obstacle is The Way

Chris White from Go Run Australia lets us in on his inner thoughts from a solo distance adventure. Let us know if it resonates with you as much as it does with us. It is often the scariest most ter...
Our top tips on how to use a Buff - ActiveEquip
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Be a Buff Runner!

Noticed that your Buff isn’t quite fitting you as snug as you would like? That’s ok! Here are a couple of ways that I get mine to fit me just as I want it too. If you have a question remember to as...
The best ways to keep water drinkable - our range of water filters - ActiveEquip
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Keeping Water Drinkable

Sometimes drinking water isn’t all that drinkable. We were on advice last weekend to boil our water due to storm water entering our water supply so we broke out our water filters instead of having ...
How to beat the running training blues - ActiveEquip
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Our Top 5 Tips to Beating the Training Blues

Number 1: Keep Moving Yep, This sounds crazy, doesn’t it! But when you stop that’s when you lose your momentum (literally) – it is also when you get cold! Stay warm and keep moving, stay active –...