The middle third struggle - a runners mental battle - ActiveEquip
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The Middle Third

There comes the point in any session, event, an adventure where all you want to do is curl up in the foetal position, cry, and make it all stop. This is the section I like to semi-affectionately ca...
Mental health and running - what it means to let the darkenss in - ActiveEquip
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As the Darkness Creeps In

My reality right now is not what I want it to be. It’s not bright; it’s not full of positivity, it’s not rainbows, unicorns and sunshine right now. My reality right now is that it’s dark; very dark...
The best ways to keep water drinkable - our range of water filters - ActiveEquip
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Keeping Water Drinkable

Sometimes drinking water isn’t all that drinkable. We were on advice last weekend to boil our water due to storm water entering our water supply so we broke out our water filters instead of having ...
How to beat the running training blues - ActiveEquip
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Our Top 5 Tips to Beating the Training Blues

Number 1: Keep Moving Yep, This sounds crazy, doesn’t it! But when you stop that’s when you lose your momentum (literally) – it is also when you get cold! Stay warm and keep moving, stay active –...
Facing Crisis and things we have no control over - ActiveEquip
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A Time of Crisis

Like pretty much every individual and every single business, we are watching and monitoring with bated breath, the situation and recommendations surrounding COVID-19. It is a terrifying time on so ...
What exactly is ultra running - ActiveEquip
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The Unnatural Un-Ultra /Ultra Runner

I had grand visions, huge visions, amazing visions of being a seriously athletic, tall, lean strong runner that could leap into burning buildings and be the hero. You see the entire reason I starte...
Womens night running issues women face when running - ActiveEquip
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Women's Night Running

I get it. I am not your usual thin, svelte, gazelle like long distance runner and MOST days, I am ok with that (yeah, some days I really am not….). I have crossed the line at events in the very las...
What it takes to run an ultra - ActiveEquip
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The Road to an Ultra

In my head I have written this post a thousand times (generally on each long run), but this is actually the first time I have sat myself down and put words on the screen. I remember that feeling la...
Marathon running the internal runners dialogue and little voices ActiveEquip
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Marathon Madness

Ok, you know me enough by now to know that I am a seriously crap liar…. I’m going to level with you here… seeing the “M” word laid out in my run plan terrified me, in fact it pretty much made me po...