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42 Random Thoughts as I Build for My First Marathon

A lot of you will know that I am currently in build phase for my first marathon in a little over two weeks, yep the shit is getting real people. Because of this my training is starting to really be...
Running really is a team sport and you deserve to be supported ActiveEquip
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The Year That Was

2017 was a year of amazing learning and realisations for me and the beginning of friendships that I know will last forever with some amazing people that are now considered family. In 2017 I lear...
Summer running and training in the heat our top tips in the ActiveEquip musings
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Summer Training

Tonight, in Melbourne it is a very balmy 35 degrees, or at least when I went for my run tonight at 6.30pm it was, the mercury is currently hovering around 29…. It makes for an interesting training ...
Inner mental demons thoughts and musings for runners. Honest thoughts
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An Honest Look at Inner Turmoil

As I sit to write this post I wonder how many of its readers will relate and how many will just fob it off? That is a rhetorical question, but it is one of the many thoughts running through my brai...
What type of runner am i? ActiveEquip running throughts and tips funny running thoughts
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What Type of Runner Am I?

Most of you know that I am a Pilates Instructor as well as an avid and crazy runner, business owner and motivator. At the Pilates studio that I teach at we have a fortnightly staff meeting where we...