Winter running training blues and what to do about them - ActiveEquip
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Winter Training Blues

Let me set the scene – it’s 7.30 in the morning and it’s still pitch black outside. The rain is alternating between pelting down and a depressing drizzle. You can see each and every breath in fr...
What a Buff is and our top uses for a Buff - ActiveEquip
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My Top Buff Uses

Buffs really are awesome, I swear there are 101 uses for them, but I have narrowed my favourite uses down in the following video! Have a watch and see exactly how I normally and regularly ...
Things runners should never do - our top tips - ActiveEquip
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5 Things Runners Should NEVER Do!

You may not know this about me but I used to be a Pilates instructor. I LOVED it. I was a super hands-on, passionate, small group class (max of 4 participants) teacher. During this time and as I ha...
Embrace your inner force and determination - ActiveEquip
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Embrace the Force

There is a saying that I love. “Running is a mental sport. And yes, we are all insane.” I am not sure who said it initially, but it often rings true for me. It resonates with me. It ties in perfect...
When the worst happens - COVID and running - ActiveEquip
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Crap .... It's Happened ....

Last week I went to an incredible conference with some amazing people and heard some super brilliant people talk – Anna Meares and Justin Jones, just to name two. I came away inspired, as I always ...
How to keep motivated - keep moving forward - ActiveEquip
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Keeping The Motivation Alive

Finding motivation to train, achieve and set your goals can sometimes be VERY elusive. I am sure we have all been there. It doesn’t even have to be motivation to train. It could be motivation to...
Our top tips to stop chafing and blisters - ActiveEquip
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Our Top Tips to Stop Chafing

Let’s face it chafing really does suck – sometimes at the time, it happens and especially in the shower afterwards! We all know that face you make when the water and sweat combine and hit all those...
Finding your finish line and achieve your goals - ActiveEquip
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Finding Your Finish Line

It’s fairly safe to say that the last 12 months have taught us a lot of lessons and knocked us on our butt a lot. They have shown us both the best and the worst of people and situations. Above all,...
Our Top Tips to surviving summer run training - ActiveEquip
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Summer Training Top Tips

So it is officially summer here in the southern hemisphere. Melbourne has done its typical boiling hot for a few days then needing to turn the heater on the next; well, they do say variety is the s...